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Fame Pillar of dreams, dedication and sacrifice and diligence of late Ramdev Yadav This college is located about 50 km south of Jaunpur headquarters and on the south side of ‘Jarauna’ railway station on Jaunpur to Allahabad railway route. On 21 November 2002, a college was established on the land of Sirauli village by the lotus of educationist Dr. Arun Kumar Yadav.

Ramdev College has excelled in all the colleges affiliated to Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University, Jaunpur in terms of its student numbers, well-qualified and experienced teachers, studies, teaching, modest research, library, reading room, equipped laboratories and elaborate playgrounds etc. Purvanchal holds its own special place in the prestigious colleges.

Dr. Arun Kumar Yadav
Founder Message

Higher education is the pillar of the nation.  Youth is the essence of the nation.  The future of the nation depends on its strong shoulders.  The higher the standard of living of education, the more independent the nation will be.  That is why learning is a valuable asset of the nation.  “Nahi gyanen sadasam pahishamahishnuate” is nothing holy like knowledge.  Centers of knowledge are educational institutions. 

 The operation of educational institutions is also a national responsibility.  Ramdev College, Sirauli, Mirganj, Jaunpur is giving a new direction to the society by being aware of its aims and objectives.

 Due to the high level of reading and reading of the college, its examination is also high level.  On the strength of parents, teachers and socio-political activists and the regional people, Ramdev College Sirauli Mirganj Jaunpur is in the process of all-round development.  The college environment is completely educational.  The hundred percent test result is an automatic proof of its glorious success.  With the help of students, parents and teachers attached in this direction, this college is on the path of development.


This college has been established keeping in view the objectives like receiving holy education while assimilating the high ideals, ideas and discipline of Indian society. Service of humanity by the grace of God, through intellectual education, character building, social building, nation building, unity and discipline, patriotism and awakening the spirit of global brotherhood has been and will remain the main objective of the college. Another important objective of the institution is to provide backward and underprivileged students especially the opportunity for higher education in view of the poorest and opportunity of rural areas. The main aim of this educational institute is to enhance the physical and intellectual abilities of the students by education, to motivate them to use this ability jointly for the national interest and to motivate and encourage the students to serve humanity and its welfare. The motto of the institution is – “Budhairyasya Balam Tasya.”

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