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Rules & Regulations



Due to the fame that this college has received, the result of the students’ education and the result of the college has been excellent.  The progress, fame and well-being of an institution depends on following the rules and traditions set by its students.  Hence, some important rules and instructions to help the students are as follows. 


(1) Students should lock their vehicle at the vehicle site in the college. It is prohibited to have vehicles elsewhere in the premises.

2)  Drinking, tobacco and smoking are prohibited in the premises.  Students who do so will be punished.  Students should not bring mobile phones to the campus, if for any reason they have mobiles by mistake then keep the switch off.

3) It is forbidden to cause any harm to the property of the organization, writing on the walls and eating posters etc.

4)Respectful treatment of teachers, employees and each other is required inside and outside the institution.  It is necessary to use the resources available in the college like sports, libraries and laboratories for health and all round development. 

5)Cycling in the campus, taking out chairs in the campus and verandah apart from the assigned venue and entry of any person other than the regular students without the permission of the principal is completely prohibited.

(6) Principal’s decision regarding discipline and order will be final.

(7) Use of mobile is prohibited in the college campus.

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